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English 253 Quiz 2 Spring 2017-18

Short Answer
Rewrite these sentences using fewer words.


Using fresh vegetables to cure diabetes seems to be an out of date claim. That’s because of two reasons. One reason is some fruit and vegetables do contain high levels of sugar. The other reason is that because they might not be bulky, one has the tendency to eat more of them.


I have cellphone which is a Nokia. It has all the up to date features that any other smart phone does. It is also very light in weight.


Photosynthesis that is the process through which plants use the sunlight to produce food is not a very simple process. It is not a very well defined process either.


After you read up to the fifth chapter, you should skip over the following chapter entirely.


He extended his appreciation to the persons who had supported him.
Rewrite the following sentences, correcting all their errors.


The respondents agreed that the only crime serious enough to receive capital punishment as a penalty are those involving murder.


Academic reputations, school location, and cost was the three major items listed by college students as their reason for attending the school in which they are currently enrolled.


There were a great number of broken plates lying on the ground.

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